Our nonprofit organization is committed to helping children coming from disadvantaged regions beyond and within the Hungarian border. Our main goal is to spark interest in the sciences and professional fields among 10-14-year-olds as well as to track their studies through mentoring relationships. We also aspire to improve their self-understanding and social skills, in addition to forming and strengthening new friendships – both within the local communities and between children from different areas and backgrounds.

We realize our goals primarily within the framework of fun teamwork based activities, summer camps and visits during the year. We design each activity not only to be useful in terms of studies, but also to be enjoyable, and to improve the co-operative and communication skills of the children. Our day camps take place within the given disadvantaged villages with local participants. We also organize one overnight camp, where participants come from different parts of the country as well as from underprivileged regions beyond the Hungarian borders. We consider it key to assess the needs and concerns of the camp-hosting villages and to shape our programs accordingly. In this respect, constant communication—with the children, their parents, teachers, and other local contacts—plays a central role.