Summer camps

Run, hug, sit – Lácacséke, 2019

Láca, Láca, Láca, Láca, CSÉKE! *run, hug, sit.*

This was my first time in Lácacsékén and I loved every single minute of it. As a brand new volunteer, I was a little afraid: will there be enough kids? How will they welcome me? Then BOOM! My worries were gone. We stood in a circle a few children and started to learn the game called “Boom.” Then, there came more and more children… By the end of the game, we could say that we had quite a lot of them. 

Láca, Láca, Láca, Láca, CSÉKE! *run, hug, sit.* During the day, I learnt the favourite play in Lácacséke. We also learnt about recycling and made their common rules together. I was really happy to see that many of them are quite good at communicating in abstract terms. At the end of the day, they really enjoyed the mathematical steeplechase, especially the mosaic puzzle.

Láca, Láca, Láca, Láca, CSÉKE! *run, hug, sit.* The second day was a bit more mixed in terms of successful programmes. But, of course, there is no perfect programme, day or even kid. The Bystander-effect programme went quite well, the children were good at answering the questions, and they were very interested, and watched all the videos with complete attention.  In the programme titled “What you cannot learn from school” was also very successful. In one group they were so interested in telling stories based on cards, that even during the break, they stayed to continue with Balázs (who, by the way, had many funny stories).

Láca, Láca, Láca, Láca, CSÉKE! *ru, hug, sit.* Then began the third day. We got very closed to the children by the end of the second day. The activities went relatively well, but they were slightly more tired than on the previous days. But it was all worth it, as we got so much love and so many hugs by the end of the day. 

Láca, Láca, Láca, Láca, CSÉKE! *fut, megölel, lecsücsül.* The end.

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