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Teach the Volunteers! – Litke, 2019

This is my fourth year since I started visiting Litke. Within my means, I try to go many times a year. I have been really enjoying the summer camps and the weekend visits, the kids always cheer me up, and playing together always energise me. Yet, this year, I had a different experience than in the previous ones: I was the camp coordinator. I felt that everything was my responsibility, from the beginning to the end, and even before and after the camp. I was very excited about the fact that we started with many new volunteers this year, who had never been in a Knapsack Camp before. As always, they were a little afraid of how the children would welcome the new faces but I was sure they would great us with outpouring joy, infinite enthusiasm and limitless love regardless of whether someone was a new or more experienced volunteer. I never have never been disappointed by this, again, this year, they were just as welcoming as always, and had intimate conversations with everyone from the beginning.

After the first morning session, I felt everything was going well. The days were running without any problem. Only the changing number of kids caused a little headache, but that was all.

The most memorable programme we had was when the kids had to teach something to the volunteers, and they had to present it to each other. The presentation greatly exceeded my expectations. Of course, it was a bit chaotic as always, the kids were shy and embarrassed and the volunteers did not feel too confident either, but the practice session we held for two days were fruitful. The hoverboarding was a bit dangerous, only one volunteer was successful in the recitation of the Roma anthem in Romani, teaching how to draw Golden Hair was difficult but the dance show with real gypsy music and clothing was phenomenal.  Of course, this could all happen because of the great ideas and hard work of the children. 

To me, the standing ovation of the presentations showcased the success of this year’s camp. I cannot wait for the next visit. Fingers crossed it shall happen soon.

Csoport kép a litkei tábor végén

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