Summer camps

Magyarbánhegyes, 2019

“Will any kid show up at all?” the volunteers asked each other countless times. 

On the very first day of the camp we managed to find two children at the first round – we were relieved. Later on four other enthusiastic children joined to this duo.  Hurray! Six children! One more than the volunteers! 

Although the games we brought were desgined for more kids but no worries, they enjoyed them this way as well. They liked the rule-making, and they were successful in the maths – obstacle course race too where they did every task with great enthusiasm. The dice and mosaic installation stop was their absolute favourite. 

Rami told us that there is a game they are crazy about,  Mafia. So there was no question about what we start with in the playing section.  We played it on the first day at least a dozen times. During the week this number multiplied of course. They were enthusiastic about the game called Lumpen József, related to selective waste collectionas well as the following splashy – painting activity. Despite of the small number of groups – two – not only the project varied but also the motivation of groups.

The next day one more enthusiastic kid showed up. The story-making exercise was diverse as well, at the music-seed activity they were eager to select, the Teach the Volunteers! proved to be a challenge for volunteers too, taking them out of their comfort zone. One group danced while the other performed a “play”. 

We started the next day with an obstacle course race, the kids were running, jumping and climbing on, under or between the backyard equipment. And finally, the time of the peformances has come, both the project and Teach the volunteers! went well. Much to the delight of the kids, we ended the day with a bowling game.

Bowling day

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