We came third place at the Student Solidarity Award of Veolia Foundation, and recived a grant of 2,000 euros. Additionally we recieved another 13.360 dollars from Open Society Foundations‘ Education Support Program. From these funds, we have organised 4 daycare camps in Litke, Sajókaza, Magyarbánhegyes, and Lácacséke, and 3 weekend visits during in spring. Until the end of the year, we are planning to have 4 more visits. In addition, from February, we were able to employ our first staff member part time.


Our budget of 2018 was covered almost entirely by the Open Society Foundations with 15,000 USD. This sum was spent on 3 daycare camps, one overnight camp in the vicinity of Budapest and 9 weekend visits in our regular locations. Additionally, we were able to buy a new laptop, a printer, speakers, and a projector.

The fourth daycare camp in Litke was organised by two of our volunteers, who are students at the Central European University, as part of CEU’s Learn and Engage programme. This programme also provided 1,000 euros which covered the entire costs of the camp.


In 2017, we organsied 4 camps and visited all of our locations at least once. These expences (aproximately 2.2 million forints) were covered by YOU! During our crowdfunding campaign, you collected 3.6 million forints. Additionally, we received in kind donations, such as free car renting, laptops, games, printers, etc. Thank you!


Our annual budget was entirely covered by the Davis Project for Peace American scholarship with 8,000 dollars.

In 2016, we spent 1,913905 forints which was spent on three camps.

  • The camp in Magyarbánhegyes costed 292,975 forints;
  • The camp in Litke costed 280,208 forints;
  • The sleep away camp in Agárd costed 1,268,095 forints;
  • Additional costs were 65,322 forints.

Any of our annual accounting and financial reporting can be found below.

Documentation (in Hungarian)

Articles of Association SZMSZ

Minutes of the Board of Trustees’ Annual Meeting, 2019. Accounting and financial report of 2018 Annual Planing of 2020

Minutes of the Board of Trustees’ Meeting in March 2019 Resignation Declaration of Acceptance Végzés a kuratóriumi elnökváltásról

Minutes of the Board of Trustees’ Annual Meeting, 2018 Accounting and financial report of 2017 Annual Planning of 2019

2017-es kuratóriumi ülés jegyzőkönyve Accounting and financial report of 2016 Annual Planning of 2018