During our work we consider highly important that children who participate in our camps have closer relationship with the volunteers, so this way they receive more persionalized experience throughout the camp as well as provides us opportunity to gain insight regarding their development. In light of these considerations we created our mentor programme that has two parts: one type of mentoring takes place during summer camps, the other type is during weekend visits. 

Both in the overnight and day camps every kid is assigned to a mentor whose main job is to focus on the development of the mentored child, to receive feedback in relation to the experince  of the camp, get to know the background and the everyday life of the child in depth and last but not least to have a closer idea regarding the strength and needs of that particular child. In the autumn of 2017 we started our first mentor programme for the academic year, participants are grade 8 students focusing on the high school entrance exams. In this academic year five eight graders participated. These children are tutored by  2-2 volunteers through weekend visits and Skype so that the students are constantly reminded about important upcoming deadlines and have the opportunity to practice together with the volunteers for both writing and oral exams. In case it is needed, volunteers also tutor in the exam subjects and give the kids advice regarding choosing the  most suitable school for them.

Lili and Fruzsi