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1. Motivating

The aim of the Foundation is to provide our participants with experiences that will accompany them throught their future studies. Our volunteers can support the kids with colourful programmes and the introduction of traditional and alternative fields, so that the children can feel joy during the learning process again, and the can confidently start to learn new things, especially in fields they have not tried yet. With this process, they have a greater chance of creating plans and ideas about their futures.

Our volunteers are dedicated to support our campers, share their own experiences with them, and help explore their individual skills and strengths, motivating them to improve themselves.

2. Developing self-reflective and social skills

Besides our educational focus, we place explicitly emphasis on improving the social and self-reflcetive skills of our campers. Both during our camps and the weekend visits, we organise the activities that are centred around these skills. In the camps, we do yoga or practice mindfulness daily, and talk about social issues during the programmes. Besides these, all of our participants gets an assigned mentor among the volunteers who has private conversations with them (e.g. about concentration development, anger management, and family issues). They also pay attention to their educational needs, and how they feel during the camp.

3. Community building

Our summer camps are organised by involving the locals, so that we can learn more about their specific needs and opportunities, and custom our programme to the experiences and skillset of the campers. In order to do this, we are often visiting the villages during the school year. The aim of these visits is to keep in touch with the children, their parents, and the rest of the village. We also aim to map out the needs of the location. Based on this, we can alter the structure of the camp to specific community.